Hello there, I'm glad you found me. My name is Michele Fano and I like to make music. For me, the greatest thing about being a musician is being able to inspire other people. I am working already on different songs and they will be released in 2021. On this page you can find out my latest releases and some info regarding my process in composing music.

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Making of “Continuum”

The single “Continuum” is the last tune I composed, in this case I decided to don’t wait for an upcoming album since the idea I had was fresh and different from the other songs I wrote in the past. This tune features piano, strings, brass, synth, woodwinds, percussions, choir and electric guitar. The main use of the effects are related to the ambient music with its wide and deep reverb fx.The repetitive piano part helps the listener to fall into a sort of meditative state of mind.I used different main themes on purpose trying to don’t distract the listener steering him toward the end of the song. Even the middle bridge variation lacks of any strong percussive elements, the rhythm part is emphasized by a pulsing reverb, in my opinion this is a nice technique to make feel the rhythm in a different way without being invasive, especially when the song purpose is to help the listener to concentrate. My rock music background helped me to figure out how to put some electric guitar into the song.It’s not uncommon to listen to electric guitars in orchestral tunes or in progressive rock music but when you realize you are going to

The beauty of imperfection

We are used to seeing the final product, the final step. I am convinced that we should share more about our creative process and that’s why I want to share with you a couple of pictures showing my notes, drafts and ideas.

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Michele Fano - Beyond The Light

Beyond The Light

Beyond The Light Released in 2018 “Beyond The Light” is an instrumental album featuring different music genres as Ambient, Synthwave, Epic and electronic music. Stream on your favorite platform Tracklist Dont Look Back Introspection A Way Back Home Ozone Walls River of Stars Whispered Dreams Luce √Čire Antares Stolen They Came From the Sea Ambient Sci-fi Blue Jacaranda