Making an ambient sound in the Studio

Condenser microphones and acoustic guitar pickups were used to record “Blue Jacaranda” and “Midnight Sky”. Regarding the microphones the main work is done by a Rode NT5 Matched Pair. The first one put 15 cm away from the headstock and the second one put 15 cm away from the 12th fret.

These two little but awesome microphones will give you a brilliant and rich sound, but what about the low-end frequencies?
Since we wanted a rich and warm sound we used a pickup system made by K&K Sound called “The Pure Mini Pickup”. As always the sound that you will get depends on many factors, for example guitarist touch and guitar. This last one, in our situation was a “Dreadnought” model full of middle-low frequencies and a bit of equalization helped a lot.

Delay and Reverb

Regarding the effects used in Studio, it features the beautiful “Repeater Delay”:

Used in the FXchain this plugin will add an unique and vintage sound to your tracks. Often used in the “Ping Pong” mode to increase the “Stereo Feeling”.

But how can you get an ambient sound without the Reverb? Even if really relaxing and dreamy, the large amount of Reverb can distract or even ruin your guitar sound. To avoid this, we did some Equalization and Compression in the Reverb FX dedicated channel. We used “VerbSuite Classics” with a 50% Mix.